Information for Clinicians

Welcome to all Behavioral Sleep Medicine providers. You have found the site to register as a provider or to update your profile. If you participated in the prior survey and had an entry in the prior directory, you will see the whole of the enterprise has been overhauled. If you are new to the directory, the following represent the sites core features: all profiles are hosted on the web site pages, the profiles are searchable by users, the profiles can be updated or expanded at any time. We are not in the position to verify your credentials and are relying on you good behavior to list your experience fairly. For example, it would not be considered ethical to list yourself as having training in CBT-I if you have never been in a program of study nor ever taken a CE course. Likewise, someone who has taken one 6-hour workshop on CBT-I should not describe themselves as an “expert”. With that in mind, thank you for registering, and submitting a profile.

Please Note: This website will be updated to a new and improved version in November 2023. Please check back in the near future.